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Christmas Dinner

$15 x = $0
Buffet style meal, including drinks and dessert for a family.
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Christmas Toys

$15 x = $0
Give the gift of fun!
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$60 x = $0
Provide a good night's sleep year-round.
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$20 x = $0
Dresses for girls. Shirts and pants for boys.
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Food Bundle

$20 x = $0
A gift of nutritious food helps a family survive a difficult time. This food bundle includes a 10kg bag of rice, beans and cooking oil.
Two Goat (male and female)

Two Goats (Male and Female)

$110 x = $0
This gift of goats provides a family with income, food, and sustainability.

Hygiene Bundle

$17 x = $0
Washing and bathing soap, towel, toothpaste, basin, bucket, and Jerican.
Bible Gift


$9 x = $0
At the heart of every one of our ministries is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By giving a Bible, you give a child a living word that will help shape their future.

2 Chickens

$19 x = $0
For families with very little land or resources, raising chickens is a great source of food and income.
School Supplies

School Supplies

$75 x = $0
School uniform, backpack, and shoes


Education is a gift that will last forever. When you sponsor a child you help break the cycle of poverty in their lives.
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